Counter Surveillance Bug Detection

Provide a full professional bug sweeping services for the purpose of elimination of the threat and possibly identifying the source.

Forensic Engineering

A scientific process that will unlock any digital format for the purpose of deception and hiding the truth.

We will work with law enforcement agencies, attorneys in litigation only. We will not extend our expertise to any  foreign governments directly or otherwise.

Computer Services

Consultation, Service, Support, Software and Hardware Upgrades of all windows and Mac Computers.

Network Infrastructure & Cabling

Build, Administer or improve LAN/WAN Networks matching your customer needs using Microsoft, Apple or Hybrid environment.


Apple Services

Free consultation on all apple products with an emergency 48 hour turn around, backed with fee pickup & delivery.


Data Recovery

Assisting customers at Ground Zero to get back on their feet as soon as possible.


Virtualization Technologies

Simulation of software/hardware upon which other software platform will run

Backup Solutions

Many creative customized solutions to protect the integrity of your data, in a hardware independent environment.

Website Design

Extensive website design capabilities and able to develop a solution for  virtually any development criteria using .Net or PHP.