There are people who understand how computers and digital information systems work and there are the rest of us. Then there is Alan Bigdelle! He is the owner and chief systems engineer of Advanced Micro Distribution Channels.  Alan, along with his devoted team of computer wizards, take their expertise to a level of passion and personal commitment that can seem even more mind-boggling than their ability to turn zeroes and ones into the stuff that runs the world.

For starters, there is no answering service of any kind at AMDC. No matter when a call comes in, Alan himself or one of his technicians will pick up the phone and start solving a customer’s problem. That customer could be a very large company, for whom AMDC does ongoing network support, or as small as the family-run business whose email and Web hosting is handled by AMDC. The reason for the call could be anything from a malfunctioning piece of hardware to a data recovery crisis to a request for a whole fleet of custom-built computers and the software, networking, and security systems to support them. Whatever it is, AMDC will handle it from start to finish. “I believe in the total solution,” says Alan. “I like to be responsible for it all. If I bring in a system that doesn’t work with a company’s printers I cannot say ‘call the printer company’; I am it.”

But it is not just the relationships among components and systems that matter to Alan. “If I have to do an installation or an add-on, nobody wants to be interrupted during the weekdays, so I do it after hours or on the weekend, for my usual rate. I do whatever I have to do to make it comfortable for the customer. I always want to create a partnership.” Whether those partnerships turn into AMDC serving as the IT department for companies that do not have their own, or as the go-to consultant for those that do, they are all built on the foundation of AMDC’s “no-risk” policy. “I don’t ask for anything up front. I come in and assess a customer’s needs. I present my solution; I implement my solution. If you’re not happy, I exit. You don’t risk anything.”

Whatever the challenge-be it a Unix issue, designing a security camera system for a museum, finding and training the support staff for a nation-wide medical records database on a day’s notice, or something entirely new-Alan and his “can-do group” will take it on. “I may not always have the answer but I’m very resourceful. I know where to get the answer, and very quickly and inexpensively.”

Above all, Alan credits his employees with AMDC’s ability to handle anything that comes their way. In the midst of the organized chaos of the company’s main office, there is a very palpable sense of warmth and camaraderie. “Ganesh, Kim, Steve, Fred, Husnain, David, everyone who works with me…they never say they are not available; Never! It’s not how many people you have; it’s having the right people that support you, that love their jobs. That’s what keeps AMDC going.”

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your business grow