Computer Services in NJ, NY & PA By AMDC

Computer Services in NJ, NY & PA By AMDC

Computer Services in NJ, NY & PA

The most challenging phase of any computer project is to asses the software, hardware, configuration and their interoperability for the most efficient solution. AMDC’s experience as a total IT solution provider gives us the ability to make the correct judgement and balanced solutions whether it’s troubleshooting, upgrading, consultation, or security without wasting any resources.

What type of computer services does AMDC Provide?

We provide hardware repair and servicing, Software upgrading, Parts replacement, Troubleshooting hardware and software issues.

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HP TouchSmart PC
TouchSmart 300
TouchSmart 320
TouchSmart 420
TouchSmart IQ504
TouchSmart 520
TouchSmart 600
TouchSmart 610
TouchSmart 620
TouchSmart Elite 7320
TouchSmart IQ770
TouchSmart IQ816
TouchSmart 9100
TouchSmart Elite 9300
HP Brio

HP Vectra


HP e-PC 40,
HP e-PC 42,
HP e-PC c10/s10.

HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC
HP BladeSystem bc2200 Blade PC
HP BladeSystem bc2500 Blade PC
HP BladeSystem bc2800 Blade PC
Thin Client

HP Compaq t5135 Thin Client
HP Compaq t5710 Thin Client
HP Compaq t5720 Thin Client
HP Compaq t5730 Thin Client
HP t5545 Thin Client
HP t5630 Thin Client
HP t5630w Thin Client
HP t5730w Thin Client
HP t5730wi Internet Appliance
HP gt7720 Thin Client
Compaq Presario Desktop

HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion a1200e
HP Pavilion a1200y
HP Pavilion a1320y
HP Pavilion a1330e
HP Pavilion a1350y
HP Pavilion a1400 PC series – a1400e, a1400y, a1410e, a1410y
HP Pavilion a1500 PC series
HP Pavilion a1600 PC series – a1620e, a1620y, a1650e, a1650y
HP Pavilion a6000 series
HP Pavilion dv2000 series
HP Pavilion d4000 series
HP Pavilion dv6000 series
HP Pavilion dv9000 series
HP Pavilion dv8000 series
HP Slimline PC

HP Pavilion Slimline PC – s7300 series
HP Pavilion Slimline PC – s7400 series: s7400n, s7420n
HP Pavilion Slimline PC – s7500 series
HP Pavilion Slimline PC – s7600 series: s7610fr, s7610es, s7610it, s7610pt, s7610uk, s7620n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7300e PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7300y PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360y PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7350n PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7360n PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7470n PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7480n PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7490n PC
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7500 PC series – m7560n
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7600 PC series –, m7690e, m7690y
HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8070a pc
HP Pavilion Elite

HP Pavilion Elite m9000 series
HP Blackbird 002


HP Pro 3330 Microtower PC
HP Pro 3330 Small Form Factor PC
Compaq Evo

Compaq’s Evo line of business desktops and laptops was rebranded HP Compaq (see below for recent products).

Business Notebook

HP Compaq 2210b/CT
HP Compaq 2230s/CT
HP Compaq 2510p
HP Compaq 2710p
HP Compaq 2730p
HP Compaq 6510b
HP Compaq 6710b
HP Compaq 6710s
HP Compaq 6715b
HP Compaq 6715s
HP Compaq 6720s
HP Compaq 6730b/CT
HP Compaq 6730b
HP Compaq 6910p
HP Compaq 6930p
HP Compaq 8440p
HP Compaq 8510p
HP Compaq 8510w
HP Compaq 8530p
HP Compaq 8530w
HP Compaq 8540p
HP Compaq 8540w
HP Compaq 8620s
HP Compaq 8710p
HP Compaq 8710w
HP Compaq nc2400
HP Compaq nc4000
HP Compaq nc4010
HP Compaq nc4200
HP Compaq nc4400
HP Compaq nc6000
HP Compaq nc6110
HP Compaq nc6120
HP Compaq nc6320
HP Compaq nc6400
HP Compaq nc8230
HP Compaq nc8430
HP Compaq nw8000 Mobile Workstation
HP Compaq nw8240 Mobile Workstation
HP Compaq nw8440 Mobile Workstation
HP Compaq nw9440
HP Compaq nx4300
HP Compaq nx4800
HP Compaq nx4820
HP Compaq nx5000
HP Compaq nx6110
HP Compaq nx6120
HP Compaq nx6130
HP Compaq nx6125
HP Compaq nx6310
HP Compaq nx6315
HP Compaq nx6320
HP Compaq nx6325
HP Compaq nx7200
HP Compaq nx7220
HP Compaq nx7300
HP Compaq nx7400
HP Compaq nx8220
HP Compaq nx9000
HP Compaq nx9005
HP Compaq nx9010
HP Compaq nx9040
HP Compaq nx9420
HP Compaq tc4200
HP Compaq tc4400
HP B1900 Notebook PC
HP Compaq 500
HP 520 Notebook
HP 530 Notebook
HP Compaq 610
HP Compaq 615
HP Pavilion dv 1658 Discontinued
HP Mini

HP Mini 5101
HP Mini 2133
HP Mini 2140
HP Mini 3510 Discontinued
HP ProBook

HP Probook 4221s/CT
HP ProBook 4310s/CT
HP ProBook 4510s/CT
HP ProBook 4515s/CT
HP ProBook 4520s/CT
HP ProBook 4530s/CT
HP ProBook 4540s/CT
HP ProBook 4710s/CT
HP ProBook 5310m/CT
HP ProBook 6460b
HP EliteBook

HP EliteBook 2170p
HP EliteBook 2530p
HP Elitebook 2540p
HP EliteBook 2730p
HP EliteBook 2740p
HP EliteBook 2760p
HP EliteBook 6930p
HP EliteBook 8460p Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8530p Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8530w Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8540w Mobile Workstation
HP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation
Mobile Thin Client

HP Compaq 2533t Mobile Thin Client
HP 4410t Mobile Thin Client
HP Compaq 6720t Mobile Thin Client
Rugged Notebooks

HP Omnibook

In chronological order of release,

OmniBook 300
OmniBook 425
OmniBook 525, 530
OmniBook 600C – 1st OmniBook offering a color display (DSTN)
OmniBook 600CT – 1st OmniBook offering a TFT display
OmniBook 4000
OmniBook 800CS, 800CT
OmniBook 2000
OmniBook 3000
OmniBook 5500
OmniBook 5700CT
OmniBook 2100
OmniBook XE
OmniBook Sojourn
OmniBook 900, 900B
OmniBook 4100, 4150, 4150B
OmniBook 7100, 7150
OmniBook XE2
OmniBook XE3
OmniBook 6000, 6100
OmniBook 500
OmniBook vt6200
This series of notebooks was discontinued after HP’s acquisition of Compaq.

Compaq Presario

Exclusive Compaq brand of notebooks

Compaq Presario C300
Compaq Presario C500
Compaq Presario C700T
Compaq Presario 1700
Compaq Presario V2000Z
Compaq Presario V2000US
Compaq Presario V2000T
Compaq Presario V2000
Compaq Presario V3000T
Compaq Presario V3000Z
Compaq Presario V4000T
Compaq Presario V5000Z
Compaq Presario V5000T
Compaq Presario V6000T
Compaq Presario V6000Z
Pavilion notebooks

A series of multimedia notebooks. Some models had the HP developed QuickPlay software which enabled booting to a linux based DVD/Music player held on a separate partition.

HP Pavilion dv1000
HP Pavilion dv1000t
HP Pavilion dv2000t
HP Pavilion dv2000z
HP Pavilion dv4-3130TX
HP Pavilion dv4000
HP Pavilion dv5000t
HP Pavilion dv5000z
HP Pavilion dv5-1040
HP Pavilion dv5-1050
HP Pavilion dv5-1060
HP Pavilion dv5-1070
HP Pavilion dv6-1000
HP Pavilion dv6-1100
HP Pavilion dv6-1200
HP Pavilion DV6-3013CL
HP Pavilion dv6-4000
HP Pavilion dv6000t
HP Pavilion dv6000z
HP Pavilion dv6500t
HP Pavilion dv6500z
HP Pavilion dv 6767tx
HP Pavilion dv8000t
HP Pavilion dv8000z
HP Pavilion dv9700
HP Pavilion dv9000z
HP Pavilion dv9000t
HP Pavilion dv9500t
HP Pavilion tx1000z
HP Pavilion tx1000us
HP Pavilion TX1000 Series Tablet PC
HP Pavilion tx1308nr
HP Pavilion zd8000
HP Pavilion ze2000t
HP Pavilion ze2000z
HP Pavilion ze4100
HP Pavilion ze4145
HP Pavilion ze4430
HP Pavilion ze4900
HP Pavilion ze5600
HP Pavilion zv5000
HP Pavilion zv6000
HP Pavilion HDX
Hp “DV-7”
G series (also called Pavilion)

A HP G61 Notebook.

HP G5000 Notebook PC
HP G60 Notebook PC
HP G61 Notebook PC
HP G62 Notebook PC
HP G70 Notebook PC
HP G42-366TX Notebook PC
HP Mini

HP Mini 110/HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje
HP Mini 210 with Intel Atom

HP DL120 G5
HP DL140 G2 (retired)
HP DL140 G3 (retired)
HP DL145 G2 (retired)
HP DL145 G3 (retired)
HP DL160 G6
HP DL165 G5
HP DL180 G6
HP DL185 G5 (retired)
HP ML110 G6
HP ML115 G6
HP ML150 G6
HP NetServer LP2000R (retired)
HP NetServer LH3000 (retired)
ProLiant DL Series

Compaq ProLiant DL320 (1U, single processor server)
ProLiant DL320 G2 (retired)
ProLiant DL320 G3 (retired)
ProLiant DL320 G4 (retired)
ProLiant DL320 G5
ProLiant DL320 G6
Compaq ProLiant DL360 (1U, 2-processor server, 2hot swap Compaq universal hard disks)
Compaq ProLiant DL360 G2 (introduced Compaq Integrated Lights-Out)
ProLiant DL360 G3 (retired)
ProLiant DL360 G4 (retired)
ProLiant DL360 G4p (retired)
ProLiant DL360 G5 (up to 6 SFF SAS hard disks)
ProLiant DL360 G6 (up to 8 SFF SAS hard disks)
ProLiant DL360 G7 (up to 8 SFF SAS hard disks)
ProLiant DL365 (retired)
ProLiant DL380 G5

Compaq ProLiant DL380
Compaq ProLiant DL380 G2 (changed to 2U chassis, 6 hot swap Compaq universal hard disks; retired)
ProLiant DL380 G3 (retired)
ProLiant DL380 G4 (retired)
ProLiant DL380 G5
ProLiant DL380 G6 (up to 16 SFF or 6 LFF SAS hard disks)
ProLiant DL380 G7 (up to 16 SFF or 6 LFF SAS hard disks)
ProLiant DL385
ProLiant DL385 G2
ProLiant DL385 G5
ProLiant DL385 G5p
ProLiant DL385 G6
ProLiant DL385 G7
ProLiant DL560 G1 (retired)
ProLiant DL580
ProLiant DL580 G2 (retired)
ProLiant DL580 G3 (retired)
ProLiant DL580 G4
ProLiant DL580 G5 (supports up to four Quad-Core Intel Xeon)
ProLiant DL580 G6
ProLiant DL580 G7
ProLiant DL585 (supports up to four dual or core AMD Opteron)
ProLiant DL585 G2 (supports up to four dual or core AMD Opteron)
ProLiant DL585 G5 (supports up to four dual or core AMD Opteron)
ProLiant DL585 G6
ProLiant DL740 (retired)
Compaq ProLiant DL760 (retired)
ProLiant DL760 G2 (retired)
ProLiant DL785 (supports up to eight quad-core AMD Opteron)
ProLiant DL785 G6
ProLiant DL980 G7 (supports up to 8 Intel Xeon E7-4800 and 7500 series processors)
ProLiant ML Series

Compaq ProLiant ML310
ProLiant ML310 G2 (retired)
ProLiant ML310 G3 (retired)
ProLiant ML310 G4 (retired)
ProLiant ML310 G5 (retired in China and India)
ProLiant ML310 G5p
Compaq ProLiant ML330 (retired)
Compaq ProLiant ML330 G2 (retired)
HP ProLiant ML330 G6
Compaq ProLiant ML350
Compaq ProLiant ML350 G2
ProLiant ML350 G3
ProLiant ML350 G4
ProLiant ML350 G4p
ProLiant ML350 G5
HP ProLiant ML350 G6
HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8
Compaq ProLiant ML370
Compaq ProLiant ML370 G2 (retired)
Compaq ProLiant ML370 G3 (retired)
ProLiant ML370 G4
ProLiant ML370 G5
HP ProLiant ML370 G6
Compaq ProLiant ML570
ProLiant ML570 G2 (retired)